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ZVF 25 for aircraft refuelling
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ZVF 25 for aircraft refuelling


4Hose Inlet
8Working Pressure
10Dust Cap Assembly
11Ground Cable Assembly
12Sight Glass
13Sight Glass Strainer
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ZVF 25...

Nozzle TypeZVF 25
Product NameZVF 25
Short DescriptionManually operated nozzle DN 25
DescriptionMax. flowrate 140 l/min.
Overwing refuelling for small and medium sized aircraft with AVGAS or JET aviation fuel.
CommentSpecial type for aircraft and helicopter fuelling with strainer 100 mesh (ES 336.1) of stainless steel. Spout assembly with brass threading for easy strainer control. With hole in the guard to fasten GKG and EKG. With check valve for wet hose delivery and swivel hose inlet. Deadman lever type without hold open latch.
In alignment with the requirements of the JIG document.
MaterialMaterials see standard type:
Body, spout of aluminium, hose inlet of aluminium/stainless steel, guard of PA. Inner parts acetal resin, bronze and steel. Seals of NBR.
Weight~ 1,3 kg
Product Sheet
Page 537-538
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Last Update: 03.07.2020
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