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ER 127.2
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ER 127.2

Short spout

ER 127.1
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ER 127.1

Long spout

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ZV 19 6BM.4 F...

Nozzle TypeZV 19 for solvents and chemicals
Product NameZV 19 for solvents and chemicals
Part NumberZV 19
Short DescriptionManually operated nozzle DN 19
DescriptionMax. flowrate 100 l/min.
Special type, different seal versions available.
Pressureup to 3,5 bar (50 psi)
with stronger spring EF 362 up to 5 bar.
Product Sheet
Page 535-536
Product NameZV 19
Short DescriptionStandard
GuardGuard No. 6BM
Product NameEG 281.6 BM
Part Number6BM
Short DescriptionGuard No. 6BM
DescriptionWith block magnet for reed switch contact-less on/off switching in the nozzle boot.
ApplicationBennet & Sauser
MaterialBlack Reinforced Polyamide, Magnet
SwivelFixed inlet ¾" BSP female
Product NameEG 173.4
Part Number4 F
Short DescriptionFixed inlet ¾" BSP female
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