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ZVA 32

ZVA 32

HIFLO automatic nozzle DN 32

max. 200 l/min.
Suitable for commercial vehicle refuelling.

Additional Info
ZVA 32 for aircraft refuelling

ZVA 32 for aircraft refuelling

HIFLO automatic nozzle DN 32

max. 200 l/min.
Suitable for overwing refuelling for medium size aircrafts.

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ZV 32 DB

ZV 32 DB

HIFLO automatic nozzle DN 32

Without automatic shut-off.
Special version with 'Renk' coupling for railroad locomotives.

Additional Info
GroupZVA 32
Product NameZVA 32
Short DescriptionHIFLO automatic nozzle DN 32
DescriptionMax. flowrate 200 l/min.
Suitable for diesel, light fuel oil, petroleum, Avgas and Jet-A1.
For truck and aviation refuelling.
Special type for railroad locomotives.
Not suitable for viscous oils, water or solvents.
Patented venturi type automatic shutt-off with safety cut-out valve. Built-in check valve. 3-speed lever latch with removable latch pin EB 280. Swivel hose inlet DN 32 with ball bearing.
Scuffguard of PVC. Body, spout and guard of aluminium. Internal parts and swivel of bronze and hot stamped brass. Steel parts galvanised and chromated. Poppet of acetal resin. Seals of NBR/polyurethane.

Chemical resistance and operating limits see chemical resistance chart page 524.
Pressure1,5 to 6 bar
Temperature-20° C to +55° C
LT-type up to -40° C.
Weight~2,5 kg
CertificatesMeets EN 13012. Fulfills the requirements of safety and weight and measures.
ATEX (EX II 1G) certificate no. SIRA 03ATEX9 487U.
TÜV approval P-TÜ7-00512.
Product Sheet
Page 529-530
Chemical resistance chart page 524
PDF Certificates
ATEX certificate no. SIRA 03ATEX9 487U
TÜV approval P-TÜ7-00512
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Last Update: 08.10.2019